Iran means Nuclear Peace

Is Iran a peaceful country?

We, and millions of other concerned citizens around the globe, wish we could say so.

We may be missing some parts of the puzzle – but as things appear right now we have rather solid reasons to be worried, and to work relentlessly toward diminishing the threat of nuclear war. At the moment we find the facts published here disturbing enough to choose actions rather just prayer.

If you believe that Iran means Nuclear Peace- Explain why. You’re invited  to comment or tweet using #nuclearpeace


One Response to Iran means Nuclear Peace

  1. Most iranians, I would say the majority are peaceful. Most iranians even reject their government and would rather live in a secular democracy. But unfortunately the majority who wants to get rid of the Mullahs are not the ones that are in power. The Mullahs and their loyal islamist followers like Basiji or other fanatics are lesser in number but they control the security organizations, the military, the media, the prison system, the judges, …
    The best thing that would happen for real Iranians is that they overthrow the government themselves. Maybe sanctions are a way for this to happen.

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