Iran: Nuclear Peace or Nuclear War?

Cheap electricity, sustainable solutions, green energy…  Iran’s nuclear program is claimed to be focused on these and other peaceful purposes, as its leaders have repeatedly reported.

But what if?

What if these so called domestic plans  are in fact a basis for procuring Iran with atomic weapons?

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what recent IAEA reports claim, and  US/EU confirm. So what will it be, nuclear peace or nuclear war?

This albeit simple question is quickly becoming a focal interest for the whole world because if Iran really is building THE bomb against IAEA and NPT guidelines, sanctions may soon give way to a war that will put the entire world (not just countries directly involved) in danger. But than again, as citizens of the west we are in serious lack of information…

The only people who know for sure the real answer to this question are the top ranking leaders in Iran but, it is not easy to understand what they believe, know and intend.

Iran’s leaders repeatedly stated that Iran had no intention to ever build the bomb, but their attitude and reactions to the reports and requests from the IAEA and to the sanctions and warnings by the US/EU are rather concerning.

This website is an attempt to make sense of their public remarks and spread a better understanding of the dangers the #NuclearWar option poses.

So is Iran planning a nuclear war? Listen to the Iranian leaders on this issue in their own words and decide.


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