Help Stop a Nuclear War

Ok, maybe you’re convinced that Iran’s Nuclear plans are a threat. Or maybe you just want your politicians to handle this issue more profoundly, double check and take action for you.

One way or another, sitting back and hoping for things to work out is a luxury we can’t afford. If there is one thing we learned over the past few years is that each one of our voices can make a difference.

Following is a short petition that you can send out to a number of key leaders around the world, and who can do something about making Iran live up to the NPT agreements and furthermore, avoid a world war and possible horrific consequences.

Who to contact? To name a few:

Ban Ki-Moon – UN Secretary General

Permanent Mission of the Islamic Republic of Iran at the United Nations (US)
Email –

IAEA- international Atomic Energy Agency
Email –

IAEA office at the UN

View more contacts right here


Dear ??

I personally believe that Iran is heading towards Nuclear War and is taking the whole world with it.

The latest IAEA report together with Iran’s behavior and rhetoric concerning Iran’s Nuclear Program is downright scary.

Iranian leaders are not helping to convince the world that their program is peaceful: they keep on reiterating that their Nuclear Program is peaceful but they constantly issue warnings that can only be interpretated as preparations for a Nuclear War that could easily engulf the whole world.

Iran’s ties with terrorist and fundamentalist Islamic organizations (wether secret or ??) and their repeated wishes to lead an Islamic revolution as well as sharing nuclear knowledge with them simply increases the magnitude of the potential disaster that is a Nuclear armed Iran.

I am asking you to use whatever means necessary to stop the madness before it is too late and force Iran to abandon its aspirations of developing Nuclear weapons.

Speak up using #WTFnuclearpeace? or #nuclearwar

At least you won’t tell yourself that you could have done something to help world peace!




2 Responses to Help Stop a Nuclear War

  1. monalisa says:

    why should be Iran heading for a nuclear war ?
    Why not Israel and United States?
    Israel has between 400 and 500 nuclear bombs in their deposits ….
    Isn’t this the same game all over again as with Irak ??
    Israel and USA have invaded other countries on claims which were right from the beginning very dubious in itself …
    so what ?
    Israel bombed years ago nuclear plant in Irak …
    used phosphor bombs in Gaza
    used cluster bombs in Lebanon where it is believed that are still about one millions in their soil (Lebanon) …
    so what ??
    who are the real aggressors ?
    who make wars ?

    Iran didn’t invade other countries, didn’t create over five millions orphans in Irak …
    so what ?


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