Ali Akbar Salehi in his own words

Salehi is an Iranian politician, diplomat and academic and the current Minister of Foreign Affairs.  Previous to his appointment as Minister of Foreign Affairs, he was Head of Atomic Energy Organization of Iran and he was also Iranian Representative in the International Atomic Energy Agency in the past.

Salehi has a visa ban to the EU which is sometimes temporarily lifted.

Is Salehi aiming for Nuclear Peace?

“They (nuclear weapons) are “haram,” forbidden (un-Islamic)…play no role in our defence strategy.”
14/11/11 – Der Spiegel –

“As a nuclear scientist, I can’t conceive what uranium enrichment for civilian purposes is meant to have to do with building a bomb.”
14/11/11 – Der Spiegel –

No other country in the world has cooperated as much as Iran with the IAEA.”
14/11/11 – Der Spiegel –

Or is Salehi leading Iran (and the world) towards Nuclear War?

“There is almost nothing beyond our reach in the nuclear field if we aim for it.”
17/10/11 – AFP –

“always ready for war.”
11/02/12 – Hurryet Daily –

Everybody wants to meet Allah as a martyr. We have no fear .”

08/02/10 – ITAR-TASS –

“…consequences that are beyond the imagination of anybody. Do not test iran.”

12/02/10 – al Jazeera –

“the pure tree planted by…Imam Khomeini…in the Islamic country has roots running all over the world”

29/12/11 – PressTV-

You decide…


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