Iran: Nuclear Peace or Nuclear War?

Cheap electricity, sustainable solutions, green energy…  Iran’s nuclear program is claimed to be focused on these and other peaceful purposes, as its leaders have repeatedly reported.

But what if?

What if these so called domestic plans  are in fact a basis for procuring Iran with atomic weapons?

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what recent IAEA reports claim, and  US/EU confirm. So what will it be, nuclear peace or nuclear war?

This albeit simple question is quickly becoming a focal interest for the whole world because if Iran really is building THE bomb against IAEA and NPT guidelines, sanctions may soon give way to a war that will put the entire world (not just countries directly involved) in danger. But than again, as citizens of the west we are in serious lack of information…

The only people who know for sure the real answer to this question are the top ranking leaders in Iran but, it is not easy to understand what they believe, know and intend.

Iran’s leaders repeatedly stated that Iran had no intention to ever build the bomb, but their attitude and reactions to the reports and requests from the IAEA and to the sanctions and warnings by the US/EU are rather concerning.

This website is an attempt to make sense of their public remarks and spread a better understanding of the dangers the #NuclearWar option poses.

So is Iran planning a nuclear war? Listen to the Iranian leaders on this issue in their own words and decide.

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51 Responses to Iran: Nuclear Peace or Nuclear War?

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  4. shabeer says:

    why the us and the EU are against iran why not against isreail because isreail is the real threat to the world peace.You are making the prepoganda against iran.It is isreail who is always at war with neighbouring contries.Same type of noise was made against Iraq,who is responsible for killing the millions of people there.Iraq was better during Sadams are responsible for whole mess there.Better is to use your brain and resources for the betterment of mankind.

    • Joe says:

      Hey shabeer,
      I absolutely agree with you that all of the countries of the world should work together for the betterment of mankind. This is especially true in the middle east. Two of the most advanced and strongest nations in the region are Iran and Israel. Both countries have amazing cultures and technologies. Imagine if they worked as partners to make the world a better place. I don’t think the world has a problem with Iran. They have a problem with Ahmaninejad. And so should you.
      Wasalaam Aleikum.

      • shaarif says:

        actually , israel is an illegal country, usa is the top terrorist country, usa mean war, if some one kill some people by suicide bomb then midia tell it is illegal, but if some one kill thousand of people by f-16 fighter, then it is call good work , strange !!!!!!!!!!!

      • Gremlin says:

        Well said Joe, well said indeed.

      • CharlieSeattle says:

        Very good points Joe.

      • CharlieSeattle says:

        shaarif and the other fascists…

        (fascism) a political theory advocating an authoritarian hierarchical government (as opposed to democracy or liberalism).

        The same UN that recreated Israel in 1948 has millions of Arabs in the streets begging the UN to protect their ARAB SPRING so they can overthrow dictators and be allowed to create free countries like……………………..Israel.

        Yes, I did said recreate Israel. Romans, Arabs and Persians destroyed it.

        What part of Israel’s 4,000 year heritage to their own land do you disagree with?

        If Israel is illegal, so are all the Arab and Persian countries created after WWII in the Balfour agreement.

    • babak says:

      @shabeer. all I have to say is that I feel sorry for you and your way of thinking. who are you to claim that Iran is no threat to the world? Or Irak was better OFF during Sadams rule?Read and think before you talk!

      • Sas says:

        I’m as an Iranian no way a supporter of saddam, but when you got 1million civvilians dead in Iraq, which averages about 100k a year…. you might want to ask yourself whether they are planning to outdo Saddams record per year……although it might improve in 20 years… I don’t see any light in the end of the tunnel for them for a while…

        Whether mullahs, kings or elected Parliament is running Iran, in the last 400 year Iran has not started a war….. Iranians policy is based on influence and deterrence tactics.
        USA defense spending was 600billion last year, Iran is less than 6billion… that is 1% in comparison.

        over 40% of weapons trade comes from the USA, While Iran’s tactics are detterence…. USA makes a living out of war……

        You should also read and think before you talk…

    • ray says:

      Well said !

    • better you use youre own brain quite well ,youll see this fanatic liar has no intention of peace ,but a grin ambition of having a nuclear arsenal they can use against those whom they consider their enemy ,invasion of the wicked ,create chaos or even a new holocoust in the region.Who will stop them ,their defiant and relenttless before whatmore if they can have these weapons ,the U.N. ,? the world superpowers ? can they intervene ? their defiant before and they can do much even more by a threat of a nuclear war .Lets help save the world support the NUCLEAR FREE IRAN …

    • Tom says:

      Typical anti-Israel rhetoric. Please tell us how many times Iran has announced that ISRAEL (Learn how to spell..!) should be wiped off the map.. ! Now tell us how many times Israel has announced that Iran should be wiped off the map..!
      You might be too young to remember but prior to 1979, Israel and Iran had very close ties. So who was a threat to “world peace” at that time?
      If Israel wasn’t an able and strong nation, then the surrounding countries, Iran included, would have destroyed the UN mandated State when it was first established in 1948.
      Of course to this day, there are many Arabs who don’t appreciate having a Jewish State in “their backyard”. Tough!
      Israel is there to stay!
      PS: It is the only democracy in the Middle East who we really can count on as our allies!
      Tom, USA

    • Dale Maxwell says:

      When did Israel enter the UN and say “We intend to wipe Iran off the face of the map” I beleive those words came from the Iranian leader and went like this “Iran will wipe Israel of the face of the earth. This blatent hatered is a part of Irans national plan for war with “Little Satan” Israel and “Great Satan” USA. So when I see Iranian crowds of thousands burning US flags and chanting “Death to America” I don’t blame Israel. The Israelis have a toast “Lahime” (not sure of spelling) which means “To Life” Until I see a Muslim with respect for life, instead of hoping to die a martyr for 70+ virgins in heaven. I can not believe a single word you say shabeer. Unlike Iran, Your hate for Israel, clouds your words.

    • scott says:

      why make propaganda about Iran, there is nothng to gain.. Iran threatened to wipe Israel off this earth, the world is trying to stop a war,, not make it..use your brain.

  5. Sas says:

    You want a saver world, start disarming Pakistan , India and Israels warheads….. It’s the like everybody is making a fuss about someone wanting to build a doghouse while behind your 3 people build a factory..

    Get real people…. If iran wanted a bomb, they would have got it from their “friends” ages ago… would mean an deathsentence for themself to own such a device…let alone use it….

    I mean osama bin laden and al quada, both in pakistan active, one was hidden for years…. and with a very unstable government…. shouldn’t people be worried about them!?

    • Dale Maxwell says:

      what makes you think they don’t have a bomb? Only diff between Israel and iran is iran are waiting for the fuse to be lit. And (with a big grin) can hardly wait

  6. Gremlin says:

    “We can’t have it both ways. We can’t be both the world’s leading champion of peace and the world’s leading supplier of arms.” Former US President Jimmy Carter, presidential campaign, 1976

  7. Gremlin says:

    As in the case of recent decisions to provide new F-16 fighter planes to Pakistan, while pledging comparable high-tech military hardware to its rival India, U.S. arms sometimes go to both sides in long brewing conflicts, ratcheting up tensions and giving both sides better firepower with which to threaten each other.

  8. Gremlin says:

    The five permanent members of the UN Security Council—France, Russia, China, the UK, and the USA—together account for 92 per cent of the world’s conventional arms exports; and these exports contribute regularly to gross abuses of human rights.

    Give Peace a chance………………

    • Owen says:

      Stupid utopian thinking, humans are not a peaceful species, look at history.
      We are a failed species, sorry but it’s true, we all must have a deterent.

  9. ADRIAN says:

    What we are seeing is a second round of cold war like tactics. With the United States and Western Powers against Russia and Iran. Unfortunatly Its not all about Iran or about them having atomic energy capabilities. Its also mainly about the group of people confronting the US and at the same time supporting Iran. Its about political power. Iran has a big friend (RUSSIA).

  10. AL BEN says:

    Israel must be destroyed-it is the trouble causer of instability in the middle east.Remove Israel and they wont be problems in the middle east-Israel must be wiped out of the map.They must not think of their past glory and try to create a nation where it was tens of thousands years ago.Life is dynamic and things changed.
    America (since it is controlled by the jews)must give land to Israel to create a jewish state there-large tracts of land lying idle there -instead of squeezing defenseless Palestinians from where they were for generations.

    • It isn’t just PAST glory. The MODERN state of Israel exists and has done for 64 years. It has eight universities, a music academy, science institutes, hi-tech industries, advanced hospitals. It is the Arabs who are dreaming of past glory. As for the “Palestinians” – they are a modern construct. In the 1940’s the Arabs in the region objected to being called Palestinians.

    • Yanus says:

      Your comments are disgusting! Especially to have the audacity and to put your rabid anti-Semitic remarks in this forum shows the reason why people do not take your kind seriously… apparently you were taught at an early age that “all Jews are the brunt of the world’s ills..” (You might have read Hitler’s book “Mein Kampf” as a child..?)
      1) Israel will never be destroyed since it is Allah’s will that the “People of the Book” return to their homeland..
      2) If the “defenseless Palestinians would stop firing missiles into Israel and stop wasting money and time to nurture their hatred, they might be able to learn from the Israelis literally how to invest their money and able manpower to better their lives and the lives of their children. Bemoaning the fact that there is a Jewish State and thinking of ways in destroying it will not help the Palestinians build a stable and healthy environment for themselves and future generations.. Make peace and learn how to thrive or continue to hate and get nowhere.

      • Kyle says:

        Well said! These people that say Israel should be destroyed are the same people that behead people for wanting to have there own beliefs. They are an evil people who use their religion as an excuse to go around killing people. They will never force me to follow there evil loving cult no matter how many times they threaten to behead me. Unfortunately they are so delusional that nothing you can say will change there attitudes, it’s a shame they are so easily brain washed and so willing to commit atrocities. The sooner they come to terms with the fact that you can’t force people to follow such evil beliefs the better. When a religion stirs up so much hatred, intolerance, acts of evil, and a complete lack of compassion against anyone who doesn’t believe or follow it’s ways, you have to wonder whether they are following the teachings of a God or a cunning Devil. I believe it’s the latter. I can’t believe that a Prophet of God could stir up the hearts of so many people to act with such evil and hatred and be true. God and Jesus teach and command people to show love and kindness to everyone no matter what they do or believe. These are the teachings of a loving God. Not the evil acts of Islam.

    • Kyle says:

      How can you say Israel must be destroyed and then say in the next sentence that “Life is dynamic and things changed.”? Well guess what it has changed, again. No-one has the right to say Israel has no right to be, They have every right to be, just as much right as Palestinians. So as soon as you get used to the idea that Israel are here to stay, the sooner that there will be peace in the middle east. But as long as there are brain washed, narrow minded people like you in the world, unfortunately there will never be peace.

  11. Your comments display too much ignorance of facts and too many incorrect conclusions.
    But. they do help others see how nuclear suicide bombing can help get Amajinedad to Heaven quickly.

    Too bad so many Muslims live in Israel and nearb -by fall out areas.

  12. Tim says:

    I say if Iran wants a nuclear weapon.. we should give them one… dead smack in the middle of Tehran. I imagine it would be pretty difficult for them to order any sort of retaliation if they are all just vaporized.. BOOM! Problem solved..

    • Observing says:

      Now think how you would feel if someone said that about you and the land your family lived on…..Should the sins of the rulers be paid for by the people of the land?……if that was the case the U.S should face war crimes for it’s history of nuclear proliferation and weapons use.

  13. Observing. says:

    I totally agree with Sas and Gremlin….. And I’m pakistani. Its a shame the intellect and extreme views of of some of the others in this string ruins a decent debate but interesting that these same views are the cause of the issues seen or created by small but poweful groups in all the countries mentioned. These are intersting times, played out over a millenia, where global dynamics and shifting alliances see old empires fall and new ones created. ..but its still all about taking someone elses power, money and land whilst Rome burns.

  14. Kevin says:

    Iran has been “two years from having a nuke” for a decade. Are they more incompetent than thought, is our intelligence worse than we thought, or are we just being lied to again by the self-righteous fear mongers who believe that only “our” way is the right way, and that the entire world should follow our systems and beliefs

  15. Rubin Katz says:

    If Iran’s atomic aspirations are peaceful and only for energy as they claim (which they have plenty of anyway) then why object to International observers? There is your answer in a nutshell.

    • Observing says:

      Because the observers will not be neutral….Look what happened to Blix in Iraq hen he said ‘No they Don’t have WMD’s!

  16. Rubin Katz says:

    So long as the Arab world is full of bloodthirsty morons the likes of Shaarif and Al Ben here, I don’t hold out much hope for the people of the Middle East. Israel is only an excuse – the slaughter has been going on since the dawn of Islam.

    • Observing says:

      Yes!. Ariel Sharron and the the Qibya massacre of 1953 come to mind as a good example of a more recent example of slaughter, perhaps more relevant to modern history. -You wear different clothes but you go to the same tailor as the people you mentioned. Just slightly more eloquent!

  17. Ide Oko says:

    Please, can someone tell me who gave Isreal or America the right to determine who should have a nuclear plant or weapon?…It is fair to make an arguement that Iran is ruled by autocratic leaders but Iran has never been implicated in any suicide bombing until recently, from the targeted assasination of scientist.As a Christian, I value the contribution of Isreal to christainity but the assumption of Middle east policeman is unacceptable.For peace to reign,Iran should allow inspectors to all its nuclear site only on the condition that Isreal’s nuclear site are inspected.

    • a fraser says:

      Run_Rabbit I am a Canadian and I agree all countries should be watched If they have nothing to hide then allow inspectors to watch We must learn to co-operate or the end result will be world destruction who wants that ????

    • Kyle says:

      🙂 This is ultimately where the problem lies. Iran is ran by people (I use the word loosely) who have very extreme views and beliefs. This is why it is so important that they don’t get access to weapons of mass destruction. Because they WILL use them without any consideration for anyone. These are the same people who behead, torture and suppress there own people for daring to have there own beliefs. They have nothing but hatred and intolerance in there hearts. People should have the freedom to choose for themselves who and what they want to believe in. Not have it forced on them like the Islamic world would have it. I’ve also read comments earlier on about how many people have died and suffered since Saddam was overthrown and also in Afghanistan. Well I’m sorry but it’s the very people who say they are trying to free Iraq and Afghanistan from the “invaders”, al-Qaeda who are killing them! How can they say they are fighting for the freedom of their people? They are the one’s killing them and trying once again to take away their freedoms. If you don’t believe in or follow Islam they just want to murder you. Can you really imagine these same people with a nuclear weapon?! No thank you.

  18. Observing says:

    Although I’m enjoying the more intellectual views here, If we are all really honest with ourselves, we all know this is really not about nuclear technology that may/might/could be used to build a bomb. If Iran wanted a bomb then they were a much better investment for Libiya’s Islamic bomb than Pakistan were, back in the late seventies, when the Libyans made their initial investments.( but that’s another story). IRan also had inherited a legacy of technical capability it would take Pakistan years to accomplish.

    It’s a well-known fact that Palestine’s occupiers have nuclear capability, so inspecting their facilities won’t uncover any revelations (although the occasional reminder might help balance the consensus and opinion globally)….Also, they would never agree as they haven’t signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, – their argument being ”as long as Israel’s security is under constant threat, Isreal will not agree to a treaty that weakens its defense.” The US has agreed to support their stance as long as they don’t shout about their capability. A policy of “strategic ambiguity” .( after all they gifted them the tech. in the late 60’s) Strange since the CIA first reported on their capability back in 1968 and in 2010 the then assistant secretary of state, Rose Gottemoeller, openly called for universal adherence to the NPT and specifically mentioned Israel (for the first time officially), Pakistan and North Korea.

    Iran won’t agree either, despite being a signatory to the NPT – They are just enjoying the commotion their stance is causing. Besides they already admitted to enriching uranium beyond the NPT agreement limits. They say for efficiency purposes, which could be true as the technology has moved on a bit.

    I personally don’t believe they want the capability to build their own arsenal when it’s easier and less messy to pick something up from the open market. Besides Iran’s policy is still governed by the clergy who have always been against nuclear weapons.
    Where is all this aggression originating from anyway? and are Iranian actions and policy around this issue offensive or defensive? – Some Experts might argue that Iran possessing even a primitive nuclear weapons arsenal could deter a pre-emptive attack by the U.S and from Israel.

    OK let’s be frank and come clean…this and most conflicts are about. Land, Resources(, or Women..I think the U.S and Israel has it’s fair share of pretty women!

  19. paul. says:

    palestine is a false state created by the roman emperor hadrian after the jews were defeated in their last uprising against roman occupation, the state of israel goes back thousands of years, islam is not a faith but a politcal military force and is evil to the extrem and uses violence to spread its domination, dont trust iran if they get the nuclear bomb they will end up using it to destroy israel, and no i am not jewish and know no jews but i do know something about their history.

  20. Niels says:

    The world needs an independant International Police Force (IPF), that can bring all criminals before an International Criminal Court.

    No one, not even presidents, kings, imams, priests or prime ministers should be allowed to kill or inflict harm upon unarmed civilians, without being trialed or investigation by the IPF. People should be protected by international Laws from oppression, terror and murder.

    The IPF should get it’s mandate from the UN Assembly and Security Council. It should not be run by the USA, EU, Russia, China, India or Brazil. It should be an international and independent organization, based on police-theory and thinking instead of an in-human military thinking.

    No nation should have the right to impose its will on another nation by force. But, neither should a leader of a nation have the right to oppress his people. WHAT WE NEED IS INTERNATIONAL LAW AND ORDER, BASED ON THE HUMAN RIGHTS CHARTER.

  21. Jean Filion says:

    It is interesting that on both sides of this argument (pro US, pro Iran) everyone is quoting or making reference to what they read. Not what they have experienced. Here’s the truth of the matter folks; we are all being mislead by the players on both sides of the argument. They are both publishing, sensoring, altering, marketing, and sometimes manufacturing “truths” to get their people in a state of constant fear. They both hope that you argue this topic in your homes, your communities, and online to spread the message and spread the fear. This way they can more easily have you look to them for governance and if they do go to war (without asking you if you want to spend that kind of money or life by the way), you will be brainwashed enough already to die. Death is forever folks, it would take much more than words to convince me to die for any political agenda, any amount of oil, or any amount of cultural protectionism. I suggest you DON’T read the tainted news, but instead think and talk to an Iranian first if you are on the US side (students in academic institutions perhaps), and talk to an American if you are on the Iranian side. You will see, as I have recently, that we all want the exact same thing; we are all very smart, skilled, ambitious, hard working, and rational. We all just want to work towards our goals, to make dreams come true, some of us want to have families and watch our kids grow, others want to build something new in the world, but all this fear of each other has nothing to do with us (and does not come from us ie. citizen to citizen) – it has everything to do with an elite class of government playing dangerous games with our minds at the cost of our precious lives. (Just for full transparency, I am a Canadian citizen).

  22. Dale Maxwell says:

    I just finished reading a story “Dressing “emo” in Iraq is getting teens killed” (stoned to death and having thier sculls crushed) Emotional or “emo” is a punk/goth style of dress and music that was spawned out of the late 70’s music scene. We all know or have heard of teenage kids exploring thier independance with odd or trendy fashion and music of the day. I was young once and can remember the angst and rebellion of youth. I guess I should consider myself lucky, not to have been threatened with death for long hair, torn jeans and listening to Led Zeppilin. Welcome to 2012 and the backward moving, intolerant Islam of 632 A.D. in 2012. The “religion of peace” both George W. Bush and Barak Obama unknowingly have been lieing about. Its moving like a Panzer division of Nazi Germany. I think its time for our leaders to lead and tell people what they need to hear. And quit with all the warm fuzzy puppy, politicaly correct BULLSHIT! It is what it is. Hate, oppression, intolorance and a geopolitical war on western civilization, disguised as religion. The more I research and learn the bleaker it gets. We must not be lied to anymore. Not without speaking out against it. Knowlege is power and the truth will set you free. Since 911 I have been searching, looking and hoping for truth. What most people don’t want to recognize is the differance of free will. Islam has none. All edicts from the Koran are to be stricktly followed. Including Jihad (War for Allah and death to ALL non-muslims) Which bring us to Iran, a totalitarian theocracy who’s leaders feel it thier duty to bring about the apocalypse and die as martyrs (and a place in heaven with 70+ virgins) and destroy the great Satan. You, me, and emo kids. So, when I see the Star and Cresent, I see something far worse than the Hammer and Sickle or even the Swastica. Iran can not have a nuclear bomb. I have heard highly educated people in denile. ” Those who don’t remember the past are condemnd to repeat it.” Neville Chamberlan’s denile and appeasment led to 60,000,000 dead in WW2. With inaction the bill will be much higher this time around. “You can pay me now, or pay me later” @ 10,000 degrees. The Jews have seen it before. Israel has heard Irans hate speach loud and clear. So should we. ” The only thing necessary for triumph of evil, is for good men to do nothing” Edmund Burke (1729-1797) Irish philosopher, statesman

  23. Christian says:

    Islam is pure evil, what other religion would Barry a women in dirt up to her head and the stone her for wanting to be a christian???? There is nothing peaceful about Islam, so do I think IRAN wants the bomb??? Well when you have complete nut jobs running the country that want their masionic freak to come back!!! I say YES!!! They want nuclear war!!! isreal is a blessing to this world, it’s gods chosen people! So what if they have have nukes!!! They’ve had them for 50 years HAVE THEY USED THEM??? Nooooooo!! you know WHY???? Cause they don’t have freakn loser nut jobs running the country! They are a sliver of land in a giant sandbox surounded by cat shit! GOD BLESS ISREAL! FROM CANADA!

    • Kyle says:

      🙂 This is ultimately where the problem lies. Iran is ran by people (I use the word loosely) who have very extreme views and beliefs. This is why it is so important that they don’t get access to weapons of mass destruction. Because they WILL use them without any consideration for anyone. These are the same people who behead, torture and suppress there own people for daring to have there own beliefs. They have nothing but hatred and intolerance in there hearts. People should have the freedom to choose for themselves who and what they want to believe in. Not have it forced on them like the Islamic world would have it. I’ve also read comments earlier on about how many people have died and suffered since Saddam was overthrown and also in Afghanistan. Well I’m sorry but it’s the very people who say they are trying to free Iraq and Afghanistan from the “invaders”, al-Qaeda who are killing them! How can they say they are fighting for the freedom of their people? They are the one’s killing them and trying once again to take away their freedoms. If you don’t believe in or follow Islam they just want to murder you. Can you really imagine these same people with a nuclear weapon?! No thank you.

  24. Chris says:

    Iran is engaged in “nuclear hedging” where the threat of having nuclear weapons is more powerful than the reality. That’s why Iran won’t permit full inspections of its facilities. Neither result would be a win for Iran. Either those inspections would prove that Iran has nuclear weapons in which case the US and Israel would race each other to see who could destroy them first or the inspections would prove that Iran does not have nuclear weapons in which case the Iranian government would lose a vast amount of its current influence in the region.

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