Do you trust Javad “Teflon” Larijani?

Double Oscar winner Javad “Teflon” Larijani is set to join Iran’s team at the negotiations with P5+1 in Istanbul.
Larijani epitomizes Iran’s negotiations techniques: say whatever needs to be said to gain time and keep doing what you want to do.
Larijani, Chief on Human Rights in Iran: “Iran pioneers in human rights in the world”.
This is the same man who dismissed the IAEA reports as “laughable” and promised “full transparency” on Iran’s nuclear program. Some may call this great negotiation skills…others might say he is a good actor…most would simply call it lying.

For a clear, informative review of Iran’s  nuclear violations in 2011-2012,  check out this blog.

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Iran – the final countdown

A useful info graphic in both video and PDF formats, on the subject of obtaining nuclear weapons and Iran’s progress in this field so far. The data presented is disturbing, because it reflect just how close Iran really is to owning a fully functional weapon– A fact that contradicts Salehi and Ahmadinejad’s latest declarations.


[Click Image for full-size PDF file]

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Salehi Calls Nuclear Arms Production a ‘Great Sin’

The Iranian foreign minister, Ali Akbar Salehi, said in a statement to the Conference on Disarmament here that there were two ways to engage with Iran on its nuclear program: engagement or confrontation. Iran, “confident of the peaceful nature of its nuclear program, has always insisted on the first alternative,” he said.

Echoing sentiments expressed in speeches by Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Mr. Salehi denied that the nuclear program had a military purpose, saying Iran would be a stronger country without nuclear arms.

“We do not see any glory, pride or power in the nuclear weapons — quite the opposite,” he said. He added that on the basis of a religious decree by Ayatollah Khamenei, “the production, possession, use or threat of use of nuclear weapons is illegitimate, futile, harmful, dangerous and prohibited as a great sin.”

Mr. Salehi said the existence of nearly 23,000 nuclear weapons in the world posed “the gravest threat” to sustainable international security.

He accused the West of having a double standard in its support of Israel, the only Middle East country believed to possess nuclear weapons.

Addressing the conference after Mr. Salehi, the American ambassador, Laura E. Kennedy, said Iran’s professed commitment to nuclear disarmament “stands in sharp contrast” to its failure to comply with international obligations.

She said Iran continued to move forward with uranium enrichment and continued to resist the transparency that would allow the international community to verify whether its nuclear program was peaceful. “This is hardly illustrative of a commitment to nuclear disarmament,” Ms. Kennedy said.

In a brief comment to reporters, Mr. Salehi said he expected the dialogue with the atomic energy agency to continue and had offered to hold additional talks in Tehran on a “new mechanism through which we can settle outstanding issues.”

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Salahi: The West has arrogant nature toward our nuclear plan and Iran

“Since we believe that we are right, we do not have the slightest doubt in the pursuit of our nuclear program. Therefore, we plan to move ahead with vigor and confidence and we do not take much heed of [the West’s] propaganda warfare. Even in the worse-case scenario, we remain prepared,”

“Since they have an arrogant nature, they have not learned to engage in political interactions with prudent and humane manners,”

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Ahmadinejad on Nuclear deterrance

Does Ahmadinejad believe in Atomic weapons as legitimate means of settling conflict?

In a recent press conference, he claimed not, and stated that:

“Atomic bombs do not give anyone superiority and they are not useable. Therefore, we base our relations with other governments and nations on (criteria that go) beyond bombs and temporary policies.”

(2/17/12, Iran’s governmental Website,

If this is true, then why is iran building nuclear weapons in the first place?


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Iran: Nuclear Peace or Nuclear War?

Cheap electricity, sustainable solutions, green energy…  Iran’s nuclear program is claimed to be focused on these and other peaceful purposes, as its leaders have repeatedly reported.

But what if?

What if these so called domestic plans  are in fact a basis for procuring Iran with atomic weapons?

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what recent IAEA reports claim, and  US/EU confirm. So what will it be, nuclear peace or nuclear war?

This albeit simple question is quickly becoming a focal interest for the whole world because if Iran really is building THE bomb against IAEA and NPT guidelines, sanctions may soon give way to a war that will put the entire world (not just countries directly involved) in danger. But than again, as citizens of the west we are in serious lack of information…

The only people who know for sure the real answer to this question are the top ranking leaders in Iran but, it is not easy to understand what they believe, know and intend.

Iran’s leaders repeatedly stated that Iran had no intention to ever build the bomb, but their attitude and reactions to the reports and requests from the IAEA and to the sanctions and warnings by the US/EU are rather concerning.

This website is an attempt to make sense of their public remarks and spread a better understanding of the dangers the #NuclearWar option poses.

So is Iran planning a nuclear war? Listen to the Iranian leaders on this issue in their own words and decide.

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